The Pantone colour

Colour can be an essential element of website and identity design.

Have you heard of Pantone colours? If you haven't, you've probably chosen wall paint in a specialty store, been handed fan-shaped swatches of colour and tried to decide whether you'd prefer a faded yellow that looks like your neighbour's house or a brighter lemon yellow for your new room.

Originally, Pantone was a printing company that developed colour swatch atlases - essentially manuals to help designers and printers maintain colour fidelity. The standards supported accurate colour selection and reproduction on different surfaces, anywhere in the world.

Every year, a secret committee chooses the Pantone colour of the year. They are inspired by different aspects of life, be it technology, business, fashion or entertainment. In previous years, they have chosen shades from their existing stock. 2022 is a year of redesign after a pandemic period, so Pantone has created a brand new one this time, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. The purple hue is a fusion of blue and red, the calm of blue replacing a stressful pandemic period and red inspiring action.

In Windows 11, it can now be set as a background colour and is also used in several interfaces of the MS Office suite.

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