About the Facebook pixel

Do you know the Facebook pixel? It's also known as a Meta pixel or pixel, which helps to connect your Facebook page to your website. It allows us to track how many visitors and customers come to our website from our Facebook page, and thus measure the effectiveness of our posts and ads. I help my clients to set up Facebook pixels and place them on their website.

History of web browsers

The short video below gives a very insightful look at how web browsers have changed over the last 28 years. The infographic is by James Eagle.

The Pantone colour

Colour can be an essential element of website and identity design. Have you heard of Pantone colours? If you haven't, you've probably chosen wall paint in specialist stores, been handed fan-shaped colour swatches and tried to decide whether you'd prefer a faded yellow that looks like your neighbour's house or a brighter lemon yellow for your new room. Pantone was originally a printing company that [...]

Which hosting provider should we choose?

Websites require a domain and hosting. There are many hosting providers on the market, but the following points should be taken into account when choosing. Domain: it's worth choosing a hosting package that includes the price of the domain - this way you can manage them all in one place, but it's often cheaper than buying them separately Size: for introductory sites, it's initially [...]