Which hosting provider should we choose?

Websites require a domain and hosting. There are many hosting providers on the market, but the following points should be taken into account when choosing.

Domain: it's worth choosing a hosting package that includes the price of the domain - this way you can manage them all in one place, but it's often cheaper than buying them separately

Size: for introductory pages, 1-3 GB may be sufficient initially - this can be increased later if the storage space is full

Backup: automatically provide daily backups - if anything happens, the website can be restored to its previous version

SSL: the package should include an SSL certificate - this will make the website appear as a secure website in the browser (there will be a small padlock at the address of your website), this is important because most browsers no longer open unsecure pages. It is definitely more expensive to buy this certificate separately.

E-mail account: it is advantageous if you can set up your own e-mail account(s) for your domain in the package, so you don't have to pay extra for it, but you can set up e.g. maria@mycompany.com.

cPanel: it's an interface that most people can use easily, so feel free to choose this option.

I help my partners with domain and hosting selection, booking, domain re-registration.

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